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Redemption of credit without proof: is it possible?

It is a question which may seem absurd, and yet it is perfectly legitimate. Especially that to make a request for repurchase of credit, you are in the obligation to give a file including supporting documents. Then how ? Is it possible and legal to buy back credit without having to justify yourself to the banks? If so, how does it work? This is what you will find out in the following article.

When can this situation arise?

When you buy back credit, there are two possible reasons for this. Either to redeem a mortgage to have access to the favorable rates of the moment. Or to consolidate all your loans into a single contract to clean up your finances. Indeed, it is useful to remember that a loan buyback allows you to reduce the amount you repay per month, but also to increase the duration of the loan.

Before subscribing to a credit redemption without proof, therefore, it will be useful for you to know if it is possible or not. Then, the financial companies will ask you to put together a solid file including a list of necessary documents before proceeding with the rest of the operations. It is a difficult and tedious process.

What are the conditions to follow to obtain a repurchase of credit without proof?

The best way to have this kind of repurchase of a credit without proof is to send your request to your usual bank. Indeed, given that you already have loans in progress with this bank and that all your accounts are domiciled there, the bank is surely already aware of your solvency and your seriousness as a customer.

If not, what you can do is obtain a buyback estimate without proof. For this you will not need proof, therefore, because everything happens online, via a credit redemption simulator. It’s very simple, just fill out an online file to get a feasibility estimate.

It is after having taken this step and after having obtained a response in principle from the bank or credit company , but also after validation of the credit that the company is entitled to ask you for bank statement files. Remember, there is no such thing as a loan without bank proof. If you do not provide these records, the bank is entitled to refuse the agreement.

And if you are unemployed, can you apply for it?

If you do not have a job and you still want to buy back credit, you would be required to submit an over-indebtedness file to the Bank of France for example. In this case too, supporting documents are required.

But sometimes you can come across loan organizations that agree to buy back the loans of an unemployed person. Your payslips are therefore not necessary, because they will take a very close interest in your accounts.

Your repayment capacity will also be taken into account in the granting or not of a repurchase of credit. It is a very specific situation which therefore works on a case-by-case basis. As this is a financial offer, you should always be wary of too tempting offers.

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