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Consumer credit: who to choose?

Households in Europe are increasingly using consumer credit, whether to carry out projects or even to make some purchases. In 2020, the conditions of access to consumer credit have not changed significantly, and even if rates are generally rising in almost the entire territory, consumer credit offers still remain attractive. And it is for this reason that it is categorized as the best most used credit in recent years. But it is clear that several banks offer consumer credit offers that seem interesting to each other. So, among these different and varied proposals on the market, who to choose?

Consumer credit: the war between online banks and traditional banks

Traditional banks, generally renowned for their reliability, as well as their experience in the credit market, are among the best providers to apply for consumer credit. They are able to offer high amounts, with reassuring conditions. However, traditional banks are not convenient for everyone, especially for people who are busy all the time, and don’t have much time to waste standing in line or going to a banker for a chat. various formalities.

It is in this sense that consumer credit or a personal loan for non-residents from online banks appears to be the best alternative. Indeed, no need to make an appointment to make a request, everything happens online. A form is offered to you, and you just have to fill it out and that’s it!

In practice, you will receive an answer in principle a few minutes after your subscription in order to know if your subscription will lead to something or not. Online, you will also have the possibility of making a free simulation of your loan, and thus have more control over your budget in order to avoid the situation of over-indebtedness.

Watch out for scams!

Online credit offers are certainly very attractive. However, not all of them are 100% safe. Indeed, if you want to take out consumer credit with a virtual service provider, you should ensure that the credit bank has a good reputation.

Indeed, the internet is the land of fraudulent offers. And some agencies are not at all reliable. So be very careful, even if the offers look very attractive, check to see if there is a guise under the rock.

If a provider asks you to send them a certain amount of money first in order to release the loan, please be extra careful. And avoid sending money, especially if the bank does not have a very good reputation, or worse, if it is not recognized at all.

In order to avoid this kind of trap, you can obtain information from the blacklist published by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR).

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