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Checklist for moving a business: what should not (above all) not be forgotten!

Your business is planning to move. Such a project is always a big job of organization and communication. All this is being prepared several months in advance. Better not to forget anything. Good management of your move requires good organization. Here is an essential checklist to better prepare your business move.

Company moving: the essential formalities

The move is a long-term project that must be prepared several months in advance. Before even thinking about moving, a number of formalities must be taken into account.

The budget

Moving a business is expensive. It is better to calculate all the costs that this will involve before you start: the fitting out of the new premises, the cost of the staff who will have to prepare it, the possible purchase of furniture and the restoration work of the new premises. Finally, the cost of the mover. To your calculators!

The audit of the premises

Choosing new premises is an important decision. Define specifications of your needs so that nothing is forgotten when visiting the premises. Does the size match your growth? Does the condition of the building require major work? are the facilities up to standard? Is the access easy? Are there transport and shops? In short, there are many questions to be asked. Do not hesitate to visit or revisit the premises with a specialist who will undoubtedly assess the building and the amount of any work better than you. ‍

Planning the move

That’s it the decision is made. Your new premises are found and your business move is initiated. Now all that remains is to organize this new stage in the life of your company as well as possible. The lease is signed, it’s time to plan your move. Set up a precise schedule of all the tasks to be completed and the names of the people involved. ‍

the notice

Do not forget to give your notice 3 to 6 months before departure. It may seem obvious, but forgetting or not meeting the deadline could cost you dearly.

The layout of the premises

It is very rare that you can move into your premises without having to carry out a minimum of work. Repaint, install a carpet, redo the electricity, put partitions or tear them down, decorate to your taste. In short there are surely renovations to be planned. Get quotes and compare offers . Are the artisans available on your dates? Are they reliable? Anticipate this step, which is often longer than expected!

Transfer of contracts from your service providers

Office cleaning , waste recycling : remember to tell your service providers that you are moving to another place of work. Expect to have to renegotiate your service contracts if they depend on the size of your premises or the distance from your service provider. And if you move outside the catchment area of ​​these service providers, remember to check the conditions of your contract, advance notice is often necessary to allow them to anticipate the repositioning of their workforce.

Business Moves: paperwork

Forward your corporate mail

Who says business move says change of address. Don’t wait until the last moment. One month in advance, communicate this new address to all your external contacts. You will have to notify all the administrations and partners by email or letter: Urssaf, social security, prefecture, suppliers, insurers and of course… your customers. Do not forget to indicate your change of address to the Post Office which will be able to transfer, for a fee, your company mail to the new address.

Internet and telephone

Moving is also an opportunity to review your telephone and Internet subscriptions. Again, plan ahead for the opening of your new lines. It would be a shame to find yourself without internet access the day the employees arrive on the premises. ‍

Company relocation: the notice period for employees

First of all, the Works Council and the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT) must be informed and consulted. It is a legal obligation . However, the law does not provide for a specific notice period for employees . It requires sufficient time. In addition, the obligations will not be the same if you move to the same geographical area or if you change city or even region. If you stay in the same sector, the employee cannot oppose it. If you are leaving Paris for Lyon, the opinions of employees must be sought as soon as possible and agreements made. Find more information in our article Company moving: the rights of your employees .

Communicate well about the move to employees

A move can be a source of worry for your employees. Information for employees is therefore essential . The project will probably not be unanimous and may even create disagreements and disruptions in services. This could be detrimental to the proper functioning of the company. This is why it is very important to set up good internal communication in order to involve everyone in your project.

  • Send a letter to everyone and prepare a booklet which will allow you to explain the reasons for the move and to “sell” your new premises to your employees: size, location, trade and transport nearby.
  • If possible, give your employees a tour of the premises and answer all their questions.
  • Make the project players by proposing to set up working groups to prepare the move.
  • Organize a vote to choose the furniture.
  • Set up an intranet to keep everyone up to date and allow employees to come up with their ideas.
  • On D-Day, plan a neat welcome with breakfast and delivery of a booklet containing all the practical information to know in their new workplace.

Find your moving company

And of course, don’t forget to find your moving company . It would be a shame to plan everything and forget the basics: a reliable company for the final phase of your move.

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